Brenda Yu

Residential Mortgage Manager

Originator Licence #Vancouver

Dominion Lending Centres is a national mortgage brokerage and leasing company with more than 2,000 members offering free expert advice across Canada - taking the hassles out of the mortgage process and simplifying your life.

Top reasons why a broker is better!

  1. We walk you through all the steps
  2. We save you time
  3. We save you money
  4. We do the shopping for you
  5. We have more options / products to find you the best deal
  6. We work with your specific needs

Why choose a broker over a bank?

We’re less complicated than a bank because we shop around for you, listen to your needs and walk you through every step of the way.

Put it this way – we’ll sit down and talk about your options with you. No stuffy office, no time limit, no info that goes over your head.

We like to think of brokers as more personal and intimate than a bank; smaller and more focused on you.


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